World Exchange – Our Food stories – Clara from Malaysia

I am Clara Unsing and I am from Malaysia (Borneo Island). I am currently working with Science of Life Studies 247 (SOLS 24/7), a Non-Governmental Organization. I have been with SOLS 24/7 for 5 years. I started as a student in Sabah Youth Development Center (Sabah YDC) and I joined Changemakers Program in 2014 and I was in the community center for 8 months doing teaching and community projects and now I am working in the office as an Accounts Executive. I love volunteering because it teaches me a lot of new things and it gives me a lot of experiences and memories and it helps me to improve myself a lot.

World Exchange – Our Food program was my first exchange program and Italy was my first visited country in Europe and it was my longest flight ever. It was eye-opening to me as I had never been to any exchange program or gone abroad to another country. I have a lot of European friends who come to work with us and it will always be an interesting moment when they tell me about their cultures, about their typical food, about their traditional costumes and so on. I decided to join this program because it is one of my dreams and I believe that through this program I would have learnt a lot of new things, new experiences, and new knowledge, meet new friends, and the most important is it will help me improve myself.  When I read the objective of this program I was so excited because I love food and traditional/cultural things and my expectations on this program were exciting, amazing and enjoyable.

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