World Exchange – Our Food stories – Sarah from France

I am Sarah from the north of France and I am 26.

I wanted to participate to this exchange for many reasons ; the fact that it took place in Italy, a country I am in love with and where I spent almost a year; the subject: food ! (Learning how to cook recipes from Europe and Asia, such a chance for the worst cook that I am…) and finally, I previously made a youth exchange in Hungary and it was one of the best experiences of my life. You spend a dozen of days with unknown people and at the end, you feel like one big family and it’s literally heartbreaking to leave them.

This exchange was special for me because I would have the opportunity to meet not only European people but also Asians ! As a passionate of multiculturalism, everytime I have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world brings me so much happiness because it makes me richer inside. I learn so much from them and I am also proud to represent my country and help people to know a bit more about it.

Doing some funny activities all together…

To be honest, at the beginning I had some prejudice about people in Asia. I thought they were very discreet and didn’t like to show emotions in public so it would be hard to create a connection but I was SO wrong !! I met so many amazing people and we created links in a snap of a finger. Actually we are so alike and youth exchanges teach you that borders mean nothing and that you don’t have to rely on stereotypes…

With the French team, introducing the stereotypes we had about Asian food.

During this exchange, I had the chance to learn how to cook Italian, Hungarian, Malaysian, Indonesian and Cambodian food but also… French food ! Youth exchanges even offer opportunities to learn about your own country! Now I am a master of the tartiflette (be careful to cook the potatoes long enough :D).

The tartiflette is ready, bon appétit !

But « Our food » was not only about cooking classes. It taught me so much about the environment, the animal rights, food wasting etc. We learned that it was possible to cook delicious meals for less than 5 euros or with only leftovers… We were located in a farm so we had the opportunity to feed animals and see more about their way of living. And finally, we had the intercultural nights when we discovered about the culture, traditions and lifestyle of the different countries of the exchange.
« Our Food » changed me because now I have a different relationship with food. I question myself more about what’s in my plate. I promised myself to eat better and to care more about the animal treatment. One of my best moments was when we all went to Tuscany to play with snow. For me snow is quite boring because I am very familiar with it but it was very emotional to witness Indonesians, Cambodians and Malaysians discover it for the very first time.

International cooperation to build a snowman

I thank all the people that made this exchange possible ; Erasmus +, the associations, the farm members and the organizers that nailed it !



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