World Exchange – Our Migration stories – Brenda from Malaysia

Brenda took part in the second youth exchange organised in the frame of the World Exchange project, a Capacity Building in the field of youth that allowed six different NGOs to exchange methods and skills to organise and lead projects with youth. The organisations involved came from Cambodia, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia.

“World Exchange – Our Migration” took place in Cambodia and allowed participants from Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia to learn more about migrations through interactive activities, games and presentations, while experiencing an intercultural project.

These are Brenda’s words on the project:

For me.. this migration project was the best ever, as this is my first country that I visited! This program taught me a lot of things. It’s not just the knowledge of migration but it’s also included of learning other cultural from different countries and make many friends with the foreigners. I experienced so many things during the program such as visiting some places and it’s really great to have a different environment that made me concern more about how do people live differently. Thanks for the whole team and the participants for being nice to me and for the wonderful moments that we had!


Participant Stories