World Exchange – Our Migration stories – Nana from Malaysia

Nana took part in the second youth exchange organised in the frame of the World Exchange project, a Capacity Building in the field of youth that allowed six different NGOs to exchange methods and skills to organise and lead projects with youth. The organisations involved came from Cambodia, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia.

“World Exchange – Our Migration” took place in Cambodia and allowed participants from Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia to learn more about migrations through interactive activities, games and presentations, while experiencing an intercultural project.

These are Nana words on the project:

I have heard about his program before and I never expected that I would participated. Just like some other participates this is my first time flew to other countries.
I was at the center when we got a call from teacher in KL saying that we were going to participate exchanged program that will be placed in Cambodia. I was like stunned and take a quick breath seriously? This is amazing but at the same time I was apprehensive. The participates will come from different countries and different cultures,languages and life styles as well. Most of time,I took expecting of how it’s going to look likes. It was also a quite hard time of choosing traditional food since we had been informed to bring some traditional food from here. There are many types of traditional foods or made from here either in dry pack or wet pack and since Cambodia and Indonesia are Asian and also one of the nearest countries from Malaysia we might have this similar kind of foods and that’s true! Luckily we had the doubt and didn’t bring that food.
In the evening break during that program we saw the same food on the table that they had bought it just beside our place where it sells snaks and so on. We were laughing and think what a coincidence!

For the ten days program, I just had know and realize of many things. Feeling my self lucky for joining this amazing program, which is I did not only learn about migration but also know why it is happening in other countries. My expectation of others were totally lame and not true, where I laughed at the end. They are very friendly, active and open minded. The best part is when you walk with them and laugh on the same things it feels like we were born from the same mother and grew up together. I learned what relationship is and experienced how it feels to have a friend in different countries and trying to speak in their languages. Thank you for this program for letting us have these great experiences.


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