How can I find a sending organization in my area?

You can look at the European database and select:

  • Country: your country
  • Type of accreditation: sending organization

And you will have a list of all the organizations in your country that send volunteers abroad.

In which language can I apply?

You have to follow the information of the offer: generally, if the selection is led by the sending organization, you can apply in your native language; If made by the host organization, in English or other languages.

How can I do if I have an unapproved organization?

You can encourage them to apply for accreditation at the National Agency or you can contact another organization that can coordinate the project for the host organization.

Who funds Youth Exchanges?

Normally are programs funded by European Commission, in this case, it’s required a little fee participation.

Can I remain in the hosting country after the YE?

Yes, you can. You just need to discuss t with your sending organization in order to prepare your flight tickets.