What is World Exchange?

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What is World Exchange?

World Exchange is a Capacity Building in the Field of Youth project funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. The idea of the project is to set the capacitate NGOs to plan, implement and evaluate youth exchanges using the European model for youth from different countries and backgrounds. Each organization will have the opportunity to receive training for 3 staff members (or future staff members) who currently do not have skills related to Youth Exchanges. 1 Project Manager, 1 Facilitator and 1 Group Leader. The skills acquired can also be useful for managing large groups of volunteers and adding a learning component to the volunteer projects Each partner will have the opportunity to put in practice the skills acquired during the project lifetime by hosting a mobility activity (either training, youth exchange or evaluation seminar) and sending participants to Youth Exchanges.

What are the aims and objectives of World Exchange?

• Increasing the capacities of Organisations in Partner Countries in the field of NFL;
• Offering the Partner Countries to host a YE to promote at a local level;
• Developing a Website promoting such opportunities, as well as providing tools for Organsisations wanting to implement such a project. To do so we expect to:
• Enhance the management and internationalisation of youth organisations in Partner Countries through Training and Hosting Youth Exchanges;
• Develop tools and methods for the socio-professional development of youth workers and trainers; • Promote cooperation, networking and peer-learning activities fostering efficient management, internationalisation and leadership of youth work organisations;
• Increase the awareness of importance of NFL opportunities for local youth amongst the partner organisations and in their networks
• Provide the partner organizations and staff with the methodologies and practical tools to carry out high quality YEs. These methodologies and practical tools are represented by the integration between the best practises of YEs and the local context in Asian
• Create awareness about YE experiences at the local political and institutional level in partner countries.
• Offer 84 young people (excluding leaders) the opportunity to participate in a Youth Exchange
Offer 18 youth workers (6 PMs, 6 Facilitators and 6 GLs) increased skills and knowledge to host YEs and of large groups of young people (large meetings, workcamps, etc)
• Stimulate the interest of young people to learn about other cultures and traditions • Offer local communities the chance to interact with international youth
• Create a website to promote youth exchanges in Asia. It will include video tutorials, guides and tools will be developed for all the different aspects of the implementation of a youth exchange.

Who are the partner associations?

• Initiative Developpement Citoyen – France
• Associazione Kora – Italy
• Vilagjaro –Hungary
• SOLS 24/4 –Malaysia
• CYA – Cambodia
• G.R.E.A.T. – Indonesia